Two rides for October: Bikes and Film Cameras Club and East Portland Cemeteries

Powell Grove Cemetery, 30 October 2021. Minolta Hi-Matic 7s/Ilford XP2+

Hey folks! While September is a great time to lead bike rides in Portland due to nice weather, I won’t be doing any this September. My life is going to be consumed by work for much of it. So consumed I won’t even be able to pull off the Sunset/Moonrise Ride on Saturday September 10th.

So I won’t be leading any rides until October. While in a perfect world I’d lead more than two, I know my limits. And I’m not going to lead rides in November or December, as the iffy weather and shortened days make it difficult. After these two rides my next one will most likely be the Palm Tree Ride in January. So if you want to experience an Urban Adventure League Ride (and a Bikes and Film Cameras Club Ride), the time to act is now!

Sunday October 9, 5:30 PM: Bikes and Film Cameras Club: Night Photography 2022

Do you love shooting on film? 35mm, medium format, instant, you name it. This ride is to celebrate this once thought dead format. Dust off your old Ricohflex Dia twin-lens reflex, pump up the tires on your Brompton, and come along with us for a 10-ish mile cruise at night.

This after-dark ride’s concentration is night/low-light photography. We’ll hit up three to five spots where we can take photos. The first spot (if conditions are OK)will be about astrophotography, as it is the night of the full moon! Cameras with bulb modes, high speed film, shutter-release cables, tripods, and light meters (whether old-school or phone app) recommended.

This is a casually paced ride with many stops, no one left behind . Ride not a loop, will end relatively centrally where we can go somewhere for food and libations.

Limited to 24 participants. Registration required, register via Eventbrite (free!) here. Registered riders will get start location emailed a week before the ride, but to help you plan: The ride start will be near Mount Tabor.

Saturday October 22, 11 AM: East Portland Cemeteries Ride 2022

When it comes to cemeteries on the east side of the Willamette, everyone knows about Lone Fir, and many people know about that one at NE 57th and Fremont. While they are nice, this ride will head to much more obscure burial grounds which you may not know existed!

Join me for a lovely casual cruise where we will check out anywhere from four to six of these graveyards. All of these graveyards are within two miles (either west or east) of I-205.

We’ll stop plenty of times, have a refreshment, etc. break somewhere en route, and after the ride we can get food and libations. No one left behind.

This ride is more about the ride and checking out things. Don’t expect an immaculate and exquisitely detailed tour at each cemetery, I don’t have all that. (If you want that, I hear they do a good job at Lone Fir.)

Ride not a loop, but will be transit accessible.

Limited to 24 participants. Registration required, register via Eventbrite (free!) here. Registered riders will get start location emailed a week before the ride, but to help you plan: The ride start will be near I-205.


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