Ride Report: Sunset/Moonrise Ride, 13 July 2022

Riding along the Marine Drive bike path, 13 July 2022. Canon Snappy K/Kodak Gold 200

Initially I thought that I would be out of town for July’s full moon, but when that trip didn’t materialize I decided to add another Sunset/Moonrise Ride to the Pedalpalooza calendar. I always have fun on this ride, so why not another?

I decided to mix it up: Start at the Mt. Hood Ave MAX on the Red Line, a few miles from my house. The location of the start in the out-there “Cascades” commercial district nearish to the airport would mean most people would MAX out. There were about two dozen people waiting at the MAX station when I arrived (yeah, I was late) and we rode four miles mostly on bike paths along the Columbia River to Broughton Beach. Broughton Beach was my “classic” destination for Sunset/Moonrise Rides in the past, but when I moved to North Tabor in 2019 I stopped using it as the end spot. It was nice to return, if only for one ride.

And despite telling myself that this ride is a bad time for astrophotography, I attempted it yet again, hauling out my Minolta SR-T 101 with tripod and two lenses: my Rokkor MC 50mm f/1.4 for general shots, the MD Zoom 80-200 for the astro shots. Once again, I didn’t get great results on the astro part, bad enough that I didn’t bother to upload any of those shots. Another issue: Broughton Beach is pretty sandy, so I had to be extra cautious when switching lenses in the night.

The ride approaches Broughton Beach, 13 July 2022
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