Ride Report: Old Libraries Ride N/NE, 11 July 2022

Peering through the window of the old University Park branch, 11 July 2022. Minolta Hi-Matic 7s/Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow 400

Monday July 11th was a hot day, with heat much like we’ve seen in the week I am typing this (July 27): a high somewhere between 95 and 100 F (35 to 38 C). It’s not as hot as the Super Heat Wave of June 2021. Then again, that heat wave featured a maximum temperature one degree Fahrenheit lower than the maximum recorded temperature in Tucson. 116F/47C is not a temperature I ever want to see again.

I vacillated between keeping and cancelling my Old Libraries Ride N/NE. I didn’t really want to ride in the heat, but I also don’t want to be seen as someone who cancels all their rides. So I stuck with the plan, hoping that the weather would be cool enough by 6 PM. Of course, my ride showing was pretty low because of the heat, with a lot of last-minute cancellations. Sigh. And I definitely felt the effects, as my mouth seemed to get drier and drier as I talked, no matter how much water I drank. I’ve learned my lesson: cancel rides when the thermometer moves north of say 90F/32C. (During this week’s heatwave a LOT of people have canceled rides, so I don’t feel so bad if I have to do it.)

Anyways, the half-dozen folks who showed up persevered and stuck with the ride until the end. The five defunct library branches we passed were:

  1. Former Rose City Park/Hollywood Branch (until 2002) at NE Hancock and 40th. This branch was also featured during my February Old Libraries SE Ride.
  2. Former Albina Branch (until 2020) at NE 15th and Fremont (next to the Whole Foods)
  3. Former Vernon Branch (until 1975) at NE 17th and Alberta
  4. Former Lombard Branch (until 1981) at N Lombard St and Boston Av
  5. Former University Park Branch (until 1975) at N Hereford Av and Lombard

Most folks hung out after the ride for libations at The Twilight Room, conveniently across Lombard from the old University Park branch. But somewhat inconveniently, the kitchen there was closed for the night due to their semi-annual cleaning. Ugh. I finally managed to get a burrito from Azteca on the ride home.

Photos from the ride in the dynamic flickr album below.

Peeking into the old University Park Branch, 11 July 2022
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