I Shoot Film Ride Report, 28 June 2022

Please note: This post also appeared on our sister site, the Bikes and Film Cameras Club blog.

Ah, Portland, I love you. I thought I might be the only person to lead a “pedal bikes, shoot film” typed ride for this Pedalpalooza. But no, there was someone else leading one, someone I didn’t even know! Needless to say I was excited. And since I was in town and had no other obligations for the afternoon of Tuesday June 28th, I could go.

The I Shoot Film Ride met up at Ladd’s Circle and was led by Michael, aka @mind_monki on Instagram. (I don’t know if he has another web presence, so apologies to those who don’t like or use Instagram.) About nine other folks showed up for the ride. Several didn’t have their own film cameras, so Michael had extra cameras and film to share.

We rolled from Ladd’s Circle down to the Springwater, pausing for a freight train to pass. (Photo op!) We ended up at the little overlook on the Willamette just south of the Ross Island Bridge and spent some time taking photos. After that we headed up to the waterfront just outside of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry for more photos. The ride then went back towards Ladds, but I had to break off because of an obligation.

The ride was a lot of fun! I hope more people do some “pedal bikes, shoot film” type of rides.

I brought two cameras with me: my trusty Minolta XD5 loaded with Kentmere 400 black and white, and my Pentax IQZoom 928 loaded with Kodak Ultramax 400 color stock. My photos of the ride are below.

I Shoot Film Ride meets at Ladd Circle. 28 June 2022
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