A Society of Three Speeds status report, July 2022

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello folks! Summer is here (in the Northern Hemisphere) and I hope you’ve been getting in some good rides on your three speed. I’ve been mostly riding my Brompton, as it’s my newest bike, and its multi-modal ease means I’ve brought it to a lot of places. I still love my Raleigh Superbe, but it needs a bit of work to get it back on the road. (I hope to do that soon!)

Some of you may have noticed how quiet things have been around here. The last ride I led was last summer, and the Three Speed April photo challenge sort of sputtered out at the end. I don’t have any rides planned in the near future. And a few of you may have noticed (Tim H, specifically) that I took the Three Speed Weekend in October off the calendar.

So you may be asking yourself (especially if you…

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