Reminder: Sunset Moonrise Ride is tonight! (Tuesday June 14)

Hello! It’s the first Sunset Moonrise Ride I’m doing in 2022! What can I say, a lot of full moon days have been wet and cloudy. But tonight should be good, sunny and a high in the mid-60s!

Did you know that on the night of the full moon, sunset is usually right before the moon rise? Let’s hit up a spot where we can watch both!

Meet me tonight (Tuesday June 14), 8 PM, at Grant Park in NE (near NE 33rd and Brazee, by the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden). We depart at 8:30 PM.

Stock up on snacks and libations before meeting up, then depart on an under 5 mile to our mystery destination. Lights, layers, and a picnic blanket are good ideas. Extra credit if you bring a telescope or good binoculars to observe the moon.

Please note: THERE IS NO STORE STOP. There is also a market near where we end, but the ride will not stop there. There should be open bathroom(s) at the end.

Also: RIDE NOT A LOOP, we end where we stop. If you need help getting back to the start, let me know. Rest assured, we will still be in “civilization” where we end, with Tri-Met service nearby.

Sunset 9 PM, moonrise 10:01 PM. THIS IS POSSIBLY THE BIGGEST LAPSE between sunset and moonrise. Plan accordingly.

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