Pepin-Minneapolis 2022 Trip, Part Three: Minneapolis (15-18 May 2022)

Riding in downtown Minneapolis. 16 May 2022. Minolta XD5/Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 lens/Ilfosol 3 1:9 at 5:30 in Rondinax 35U tank

Amtrak’s Empire Builder picked us up in Red Wing around 9 PM on Sunday May 15th. It was a short hour-long train ride to St. Paul Union Depot. We had hoped to take the light rail into downtown Minneapolis, a distance of about ten miles. But they were doing track work, closing the line for the night. So we took a ride share into Minneapolis, ordered some food, and crashed.

We only had two full days to enjoy Minneapolis. I really wished we had at least a couple more days, but we had to be back in Portland for work soon. So we made the best of it hitting up many of my favorite places, like the Stone Arch Bridge, Uptown, the Midtown Greenway, and a few of the lakes. Oh yeah, because I’m a Replacements nerd, I visited a few spots in this Minneapolis’s band lore, like the Let It Be House on Bryant and Bob’s Bench off the Greenway.

We also had dinner with my old Portland friend Nickey and her partner Tim. Nickey lives a few blocks from the intersection of 38th and Chicago, George Floyd Square, so we visited it afterwards.

And that was it. On Wednesday May 18th we took light rail to Minneapolis-St Paul Airport and flew back to Portland. Our adventure was over.

Grain Belt Beer Sign and Hennepin Ave Bridge, Minneapolis. 16 May 2022

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