Summer 2022 Bike touring/status update

Camping at Ainsworth SP in the Gorge, 15 June 2022. Ricohflex Dia/Kodak Gold 200 We're just a couple days away from the start of July. If it's not too hot (or too smoky) July through September marks the best time to bike tour here in the Pacific Northwest--long, dry, warm days. Spring typically isn't a... Continue Reading →

Late June Update: Ride on July 9th, ANOTHER film camera ride in Portland, and what’s next

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Up Mount Tabor, 4 June 2022. Bike: Brompton Camera: Ricohflex Dia (120 TLR) Film: Ilford XP2+

Hello friends of Bikes and Film Cameras. This “club” hasn’t been as active as hoped, as I have too many things on the fire as usual. But there are things going on that I do want to talk about!

First and foremost, here in Portland, Oregon we have our summer Bikes and Film Cameras Club Ride happening on Saturday, July 9th at 11 AM. There are still plenty of spots open if you want to come along!

We’ll meet in North Portland near a MAX station (you’ll get full deets about a week before the ride) and ramble for 10-15 miles to St. Johns. This is a casually paced ride with many stops, no one left behind.

We’ll end atBlue Moon Camerawhere you can drop off your rolls to be developed, buy…

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Dead Freeways Ride POSTPONED

Hey all. After riding around in the unexpected and uncharacteristic heat in the Bay Area the last few days (92F/33C in San Francisco on Tuesday, really?) I'm not looking forward to leading a bike in Portland's first heat wave of the summer. So tomorrow's Dead Freeways Ride is not happening. I plan on rescheduling it... Continue Reading →

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