A quick late May update

Mossy wonderland property, 24 April 2022. Camera: Olympus 35RD Film: Ilford HP5+ Home developed Ilfosol 3 1:9 @5:30 in Rondinax 35U

Hello folks. Apologies for the radio silence on this blog last week. Emee and I were out of town from May 11th through 18th for the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour and spent a few days in Minneapolis. It was fun! But it went by waaaay too fast. I wish I could have spent more time out that way.

There will be a more extensive post on the adventure soon. I shot a lot of film on this trip, and have gotten it all processed and scanned. I started to upload photos to my flickr account, so check it out if you want to see the action. I’m guessing I’ll be filing a report or three next week.

As for future travel plans, well, the big trip to New York and New Haven has shifted. Emee’s going solo and only for a few days to New Haven. So I won’t be out that way. I’m a bit relieved, as I don’t like flying and had to fly back from Minneapolis last week, which made me quite anxious, especially TSA. (It doesn’t help that I’m both trying to get a folding bike through and asking for my film and cameras to be hand inspected.) But I’m pursuing the idea of going out to the Philly Bike Expo at the end of October, so I may be out that way sooner than later.

As for other stuff, I’m still busily preparing for PedalPalooza and finalizing up a couple zine projects. I should be getting the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge patches back soon and plan to send them out in early June. Hope you are all well!

Hanging out at the Lake Pepin marker on US 61 south of Lake City, MN. 15 May 2022
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4 thoughts on “A quick late May update

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    1. I did see that list, but thanks for sharing! And jeez, Urge gets no love (as always).
      Regarding Number 7, is “county” blues different from “country” blues?

    1. True!

      I listened through your list. It’s good. It definitely hews more towards acousticy singer-songwriter folk, which is not your fault, it’s just how “train songs” are. I do appreciate the few more rock compositions, though.

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