I wrote a new blog post on 35mmc! (Deschutes River Trail with an Olympus 35RD and Ektachrome 200)

Heads up! I’ve got a new blog post up on 35mmc. It’s about using my 📸 Olympus 35 RD with some expired 🎞Kodak Ektachrome 200 slide film when Emee and I rode the Deschutes River Trail last month as part of our Gorge visit. Check out the blog post here. More photos from that adventure can be seen below. Thanks, Hamish!

Oh yeah, Hamish of 35mmc mentions how he’s not that into fixed-lens rangefinders like the Olympus 35RD. Do you have an opinion about this stye of film camera?

A ride on the Deschutes River Trail, 25 March 2022
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4 thoughts on “I wrote a new blog post on 35mmc! (Deschutes River Trail with an Olympus 35RD and Ektachrome 200)

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  1. I have a 35RC which makes very nice pictures. I ‘ve not shot it in some time but it will be getting an outing soon – it’s super compact, so easy to take out and about.

    I guess interchangeable lens rangefinders have advantages over fixed lens models and I’d certainly like to give one a try, but I tend to think that SLRs are probably much more convenient (and affordable!) when it comes to different focal lengths.

    1. I hear you. I like the concept of an interchangeable lens rangefinder, but the price turns me off. Hamish at 35mmc seems to be only writing articles about less expensive lenses for his Leica, which tells you something.

      Even without the price, it might take a bit to get used to framing with different lenses. I can imagine using the whole viewfinder to frame a scene, but forgetting you’re using a 100mm lens so the actual photo is going to be a fraction of that. At least with SLRs you will never run into that issue.

  2. Nice photos Shawn, that lens looks great, nice and sharp. Colours on that slide film turned out great too. Love the last one of the bantam with its nose hidden behind that rock.

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