A quick visit to the tulips, plus a bonus Silver Falls visit, 17 April 2022

It’s spring again (I think), which means the tulips are in bloom here in the Northwest. The best place to go see them in full splendor is Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm outside of Woodburn, Oregon. Emee, her kids, and I have been out there twice before, once in 2019, and last year. Of course I’d bring a film camera to capture the action!

I decided on the Minolta SR-T 101 since it seemed the most “appropriate” camera–no other machine I own can do flower close-ups well. Instead of my 50mm prime (MC Rokkor PG 50mm f/1.4) I opted for the MD Rokkor 28-85mm zoom (f/3.5-4.5), the one that Jerome over on Earth Sun Film raves about (and convinced me to get.) It’s a great lens for it too, even though zooms aren’t highly regarded–28mm for good wide angle encompassing views, 85mm for telephoto shots.

As for film, the weather was very iffy this month and I was resigned to taking some Ultramax or Portra 400. But the day turned out to be fine, with a hazy sun. I opted for some just-expired Kodak Ektachrome 100 slide film instead. And those colors popped!

A visit to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm outside of Woodburn, Oregon. 17 April 2022

After the tulips, we high-tailed it up to Silver Falls State Park, a place in the foothills of the Cascades featuring ten different waterfalls! Silver Falls is a very popular wedding destination and Emee has “worked it” in the past, but never saw the actual falls. I’ve been up there three times before, 2008, 2012, and 2013. Two of those times have been for weddings (see what I said earlier!) And I’ve stayed at the park each time before, which allowed time to hike the trails to see all the falls. This time we didn’t have that much time, so we just stopped to see the most accessible fall, South Falls. (We also glimpsed North Falls.) It was beautiful as always. We hope to do an overnight visit later in the year so we can see more falls. Enjoy the photos.

South Falls, Silver Falls State Park. 17 April 2022
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