An April Update

Hello folks. I don’t do these “State of the Union” style posts that often, but should do them more often, because there’s often things going on in my life or with the League that don’t always translate into a blog post.

April has been a difficult month here, mostly due to the weather. It seemed to start well, but then we were plunged into a couple weeks of colder and wetter weather than normal, not to mention the surprise very-very-very late season snow. We’re at 5 inches of rain so far this month, and the average is 2.9 inches. And the month isn’t even done. We could see double the average this month. I guess it’s payback for a dry later January into February, which balanced the wet December and early January.

This damp and cold weather has meant I haven’t gone outside as much as I had hoped. And when I don’t go outside, I take very few photos. When the weather is okay, I easily go through about two rolls of film a week, maybe three. Besides a roll I took when I went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm last Sunday (I’ll post that when I get the scans back), it’s taken me a couple weeks to get through a roll of film. I’m very happy that I did my bike camping when I had that nice weather early in the month–if I didn’t go then, I would not have been able to have gone at all.

I would like to get another camping trip in soon, though. I was hoping that I could do it this week, but it looks like we’re in for another full week of meh/iffy weather. (It was actually nice over the weekend, but I had other obligations.) And upcoming plans may mean I might not be able to get in an overnight adventure in May.

What are these upcoming plans? Well, Emee and I are going back out to Minnesota and Wisconsin for the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour! It’s been four years since we’ve last been out, so we are looking forward to it. We’re taking Bromptons, which will make the travel easier–while we’re taking the train out, we’re flying back. We’ll be in the Red Wing-Wabasha area May 13-15 for the ride, then we head up to Minneapolis for a few days. If you are coming for the ride, we’ll see you there! And I’d love to hang out with my Twin Cities friends. This will probably be our last Lake Pepin for awhile, as there’s other travel plans in store for the future.

At the very end of May we head out to the East Coast. We’ll spend a few days in New York from May 30 through June 1, then we hop up to New Haven for Emee’s class reunion. If you are in the area and want to hang, get in touch!

Hope you are all well.

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  1. Yes, I’m in the area, and would like to hang. As you get your itinerary worked out, let me know when that would work for you, and I’ll do my best to be there.

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