Three Speed April 2022 Challenge, Week Three: Three Speeds in Nature

Society Of Three Speeds

Foster Floodplain, 12 Jan 2022. Olympus Pen EES-2, Fuji Superia Premium 400

Hello, Friends of Three Speeds! Thank you to the folks that have participated in the first two weeks of this year’s Three Speed April Challenge! A recap of the first two weeks is forthcoming. Now it is time to reveal the theme for Week Three, which is Sunday April 10 through Saturday April 16 (all times local):

Three Speed in Nature

What do I mean? I want your (or someone else’s) three speed in a nature-like setting. Yes, there has to be a three (or four, or five) speed bike recognizably in the shot. Yes, there can be people, too. The “nature-like” setting is open for interpretation. It doesn’t have to be the forest, or the wilderness, or have a mountain or the ocean in the backdrop, but it sure as well can. But it can just be…

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