I wrote a new blog post on 35mmc! (Deschutes River Trail with an Olympus 35RD and Ektachrome 200)

Heads up! I've got a new blog post up on 35mmc. It's about using my 📸 Olympus 35 RD with some expired 🎞Kodak Ektachrome 200 slide film when Emee and I rode the Deschutes River Trail last month as part of our Gorge visit. Check out the blog post here. More photos from that adventure... Continue Reading →

A quick visit to the tulips, plus a bonus Silver Falls visit, 17 April 2022

It's spring again (I think), which means the tulips are in bloom here in the Northwest. The best place to go see them in full splendor is Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm outside of Woodburn, Oregon. Emee, her kids, and I have been out there twice before, once in 2019, and last year. Of course I'd... Continue Reading →

An April Update

Hello folks. I don't do these "State of the Union" style posts that often, but should do them more often, because there's often things going on in my life or with the League that don't always translate into a blog post. April has been a difficult month here, mostly due to the weather. It seemed... Continue Reading →

Three Speed April 2022, Week Five: The “Open” Week

Society Of Three Speeds

My Brompton by the Steel Bridge, watching a freight roll by. 5 April 2022. Camera: Olympus XA2 Film: Kodak Portra 400

It’s time to close out Three Speed Adventure April 2020 in a good way! The theme for the week?There’s no theme!

Yes, the fifth and final week of Three Speed April 2022, from 12:01 AM on Sunday April 24th to 11:59 PM on Sunday April 30th (all times local) isThe Open Week. This means you can do anything, so long as a three speed bicycle is in the shot! So you can doanyof the following:

  • Post a photo that would have worked during any of the previous four weeks of themes. Have a self portrait with bike you didn’t get done in time? Post it! Carried a bag of mulch from the garden supply store? Let’s see it! Etc, etc
  • It can also be…

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Break Stuff: Watches

I am a watch person. I've consistently worn a watch on my left wrist since I was eight, 1 almost forty years ago. While in my early days I was enthralled by digital (especially things like calculator watches or ones that played video games), since my late teens I've used analog face watches. And while... Continue Reading →

Three Speed Adventure April 2022, Week Four Theme: Three Speeds Carrying Stuff

Society Of Three Speeds

The Raleigh Superbe, carrying packages. 15 March 2021. Camera: Olympus Pen EES-2. Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200.

Hey hey hey, tomorrow begins Week Four of this year’s Three Speed Adventure April Challenge! For the week running April 17 through 23, 2022 (your local time), the theme is:

Three Speeds Carrying Stuff

What do I mean? I want to see three speeds in portage action. Three speeds are useful utility bikes, and they can carry things. These things can be bags, they can be items on racks or in baskets, things strapped and lashed to parts of bikes, etc. Yes, there can be people/buildings/etc. in the shot. And yes, you can get creative.

You can submit one photo a day (12:01 AM to 11:59 PM, your local time), and up to three a week. This week starts Sunday, April 17, so do not post for Week Four until then. It can…

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