2022 Midnite Bicycle League Challenge — Ride #2

Carry the Banner

  • Date: 4 Feb 2022
  • Ride number: 2 of 3
  • Sunset time: 17:22
  • Sunrise time: 07:26
  • Bike used: Norco single-speed
  • Location: Downtown/Central Eastside (Portland, Oregon)
  • Length of ride: 18 km total
  • Weather: 8C, clear

A friend met my wife and I at home, then we pedaled off together to go on the Illuminated Ride for the Portland Winter Light Festival. It started at PSU, then wound through downtown past the installations near Salmon Springs. There were a few hundred folks at least, and it was nice to be in a big group ride in the middle of winter (although the near-walking pace of a big ride is a tad more amenable with warmer temps).

We crossed the river on the Hawthorne Bridge, made a stop in the Central Eastside, then circled back to downtown via the Esplanade. The path narrows as it approaches the Steel Bridge, which resulted in a long…

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