2022 Midnite Bicycle League Challenge — Ride #0.5

Carry the Banner

  • Date: 28 Jan 2022
  • Ride number: 0.5 of 3
  • Sunset time: 17:11
  • Sunrise time: 07:34
  • Bike used: Norco single-speed
  • Location: Central Eastside (Portland, Oregon)
  • Length of ride: 6.5 km round trip
  • Weather: 2C, clear

Late start to the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge — it started on 1 Jan, but I only heard about it on 27 Jan. I already had plans for Friday evening and they didn’t start until after dark, so I used the ride there & back as a test run. Spent a few hours at a bar, which was packed inside but blissfully near-empty on the patio. The night was cold but tolerable with a fire pit & heat lamps, and definitely better than packing inside with the crowd.


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Lessons from Midnite Bicycle League

The Cottered Crank

Wow, things have been really busy lately. Work has been unusually demanding for this early in the year. After Christmas, I opened up a real can of worms by finally starting work on fixing up the upstairs of our house. I expected it to be bad (that’s probably the reason I’d been putting it off for the best part of six years) but it was even worse than I could have imagined; each layer that was peeled back during the preparation unearthed another bodge job that needed to be fixed before the real work could get started.

At the back end of January we got hit with a run of stormy weather and for weeks now it feels like it’s been raining, or super windy, or both. Between work, the slow progress on the house, and the weather I haven’t been out on the bike much at all.

Mercian on…

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