A return to Lake Pepin for 2022

My Robin Hood path racer, from the 2018 Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour

I’ve been intrigued by the annual Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour from the first time I heard about it way back in 2005. After years of pining, I went to my first one in 2014. It was a lot of fun, and the next two years I returned. After a year break in 2017, I then brought Emee along for 2018, and she also had a blast. But we haven’t been to one since: 2019 was too busy with other stuff, and well, you know what happened these past two years.

So a return to the biggest three speed typed event in North America is due. Emee and I are heading out for this year’s event, which will be May 14th and 15th. We are excited. But we’ll be doing it a little differently this time. First off, we’ll be bringing our Bromptons. Yeah, not “vintage three speed”, but still a three speed. And bringing Bromptons will lead to numerous advantages:

  • We won’t have to pay bike fees on Amtrak
  • We’ll also be able to get on and off at the Red Wing (Minn.) Amtrak station, which has no baggage or bike service. I’ve been wanting to do it like this for practically forever.
  • And flying back will be much easier.

Yep, that’s right: We’ll be flying home. I wish we had more time (like two weeks) to not only take the train back but do a little tour afterwards, we only have a week to spare for this trip. Two days of travel via Empire Builder to Pepin, then three days of Pepin 1 and three days of visiting Minneapolis takes up a bit of time in a busy schedule. Flying back means we can pull it off. And having Bromptons means we can fly back easily.

And this trip to Pepin will probably be the last one for a bit. I’d love to go every year, but there are so many places we want to travel and so little time. If we lived in the upper Midwest a yearly trip to Pepin would be practical, but we don’t. So this year will be the one!

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1 Yes, technically the tour is a two day event (Saturday and Sunday.) But we’ll be getting into Red Wing Friday morning and spend the day in town. There’s usually Friday night festivities at The Staghead, a gastropub.

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