A visit to the Oregon Coast at Manzanita, 19-21 Feb 2022

While Emee and myself have been to the Oregon Coast several times over the past few years (our last visit to both Seaside and Newport was in November), it’s been two years since we’ve visited Manzanita. This cute little town on the north end of Tillamook County is definitely a destination catering to Portlanders. What can I say, it’s pretty.

Emee’s son has had an annual tradition of spending the President’s Day Weekend at a beach house with his friends. That’s why we were out here in 2020, and because of COVID it did not happen last year. While pandemic is definitely not over, we felt comfortable enough this year bringing him, his sister, and his friends to a beach house for the weekend.

As I said last time, February weather is a crap shoot on the coast, though this month has been unnaturally dry. This particular weekend was a break from the dry, and Saturday was misty and foggy. Sunday was sun punctuated with occasional intense showers. Emee and I snuck in a walk along the beach from the house into town (about a mile) during a sunny break at the end of the day. But I was mostly content with watching the ocean and the showers roll in from the big windows of the beach house.

We drove back on Monday morning. The weather was shifting to a cooler pattern for the week, 1 and a bit of snow lined the highway as we crested the Coast Range, but thankfully nothing covered the road.

It was a good weekend, but like most trips to the coast, a bit too short. That’s okay, we’re already planning another trip…

A walk on the beach in Manzanita. 20 Feb 2022
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1 We’d actually see a dusting of snow in Portland on Thursday morning, but it melted by mid-day.


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