A Gorge Visit, Part One: Hood River, 16-17 March 2022

The view from Columbia Gorge Hotel, Hood River. 16 March 2022. Camera: Minolta SR-T 101 Lens: MC Rokkor PG 50 mm f/1.4 Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200 This past month Emee and I made two visits to the Columbia River Gorge, one of my favorite places to visit. We had a spring break trip for the... Continue Reading →

Three Speed April 2022 Challenge, Week One: You and your three speed

Society Of Three Speeds

Myself and my Raleigh Superbe at Col. Summers Park (NOT Col. Sumner Park), 15 Feb 2022.
Camera: Olympus XA2 Film: Fujicolor 100

Hello, friends of three speeds! I am a bit late with this post, as I was out of town for a week and distracted. Thankfully even without the week’s prompt reminder, a few of you have already shared photos! Yay!

This week, Sunday March 27 through Saturday April 2, the theme is You and your Three Speed. Two things need to be visible in your photo:

  1. You
  2. Your Three Speed

For example, see the photo above of me from last month as an example. Or this example below of Our Man On Sauvie Island, Michael, with his new-to-him 1966 Sears three speed (made by Puch in Austria.)

Further afield, Adam in Tokyo shares this post below. He got in the first pic of the challenge since he’s far…

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Eleven years since my first Three Speed Ride

Society Of Three Speeds

Me, on my first ever Three Speed Ride, Sat 27 March 2011. Photo: Timo

While Society of Three Speeds turns ten next March, my involvement with leading three speed themed bicycle rides in Portland runs longer than that. Today marks ten eleven! years since I first led a Three Speed Ride. 1

It was early 2011 and I was smitten with three speeds. I just got my first proper British three speed, a Raleigh Wayfarer, and I rode that thing everywhere. While we had a Tweed Ride by that point, there was nothing specifically three speed related yet, which I found surprising in the bike-fun capital of Portland. So why not start my own?

And I was motivated: Besides planning a route, I got all fancy and got swag made, I designed a poster and postcards and had it screenprinted–screenprinted! by Man vs Ink. 2This cost a couple hundred…

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Three Speed April Photo Challenge starts next week!

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello folks! In lieu of the “paper reporting challenge” for April, this year we return to how we did it in 2020: A full photo challenge!

The idea is to simply share photos online that fit the theme of the challenge. There will be four weekly prompts, plus a final “free week” at the end. Here are the five prompts for each week:

  1. Sun 27 Mar – Sat 2 Apr: You and your three speed
  2. Sun 3 – Sat 9 Apr: Monochrome/black and white
  3. Sun 10 – Sat 16 Apr: Three speeds in nature
  4. Sun 17 – Sat 23 Apr: Three speeds carrying stuff
  5. Sun 24 – Sat 30 Apr: Free week

I’ll post more details about each week before the week starts.

Here are the rules:

  • This can happen anywhere on earth.
  • This is open to anyone who owns a bike with an internally geared hub of three, four…

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A quick update, as we are on the verge of spring

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

My Bantam underneath a blossoming tree, 11 March 2022. Agfamatic 2008/Lomography Color Tiger 200. Yes, 110 film!

Hello, friends of bikes and film cameras! I was hoping that the first half of 2022 would find this Club a little more busy. But alas, it isn’t so. I never managed to have a Winter ride as weather, etc. scuttled the scheduled ones. My winter photo challenge saw a little participation, but not much. It’s okay: This club is new, and this club is esoteric.

I was hoping to do a Spring Ride. My idea was to hit up the cherry blossoms on the waterfront. The problem with trying to do something like that, where timing is determined by nature, is it’s hard to impossible to schedule that far in advance. I just went by the cherry trees, and they are just starting to bloom. I’m guessing that next weekend would be…

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