PDX Coffee Outside, 12 Feb 2022

Ah, PDX Coffee Outside, I love you. Yet the last time I had participated in PDX Coffee Outside was the end of November. I had hoped to do one since then, but crappy weather through December and the Omicron surge through January (which cancelled the event) meant it didn’t happen. So I was happy when it came back around a couple weeks ago.

Saturday February 12 turned out to be a beautiful day–a cold start, but it warmed up, hitting 60F/16C by afternoon. The spot for Coffee Outside was South Waterfront Park, about a six mile (10 km) ride from home. There was a dozen or so folks there by the time I arrived, around 9:30. I parked by Brompton and got to work brewing.

The Brompton only has the one Carradice bag for capacity, so I wanted to keep the kit small. I brought the Esbit pot set, since it’s my “least fuss” way to boil water. And I actually used pre-ground pour over packs, since I had a few lingering in my kit. Not the nicest way to do coffee outside, but efficiency was the name of the game today.

After hanging out with cool folks for a couple hours, I decided to take a little ride. I wanted to do a little testing for my Old Libraries Ride (which is this Saturday!) so I headed south along the Willamette Greenway, then crossed the river at Sellwood Bridge and headed east along the Springwater Corridor. It was a warm and sunny day, but there was also a stiff east wind which I was keenly feeling on the Springwater. Heading north was a bit better, but the wind chill meant that shady areas felt a lot colder than expected. By the time I got home I had done 25 miles (40 km), a respectable day’s ride.

I really hope to be able to do more Coffee Outsides in the coming months. With nicer weather on the way, it’ll be fun!

PDX Coffee Outside at South Waterfront Park. 12 Feb 2022
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