Introducing the “Export” level Membership

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello, friends of three speeds! I’m offering up a membership level again that I used to awhile back but haven’t done in a few years. This membership level is the “Export” level, which is one tier below Basic. You are still a full-fledged Society of Three Speeds member with full privileges, so don’t worry.

What you won’t get is the enameled pin. This brings down the cost of the pack, and also the shipping. Shipping pins overseas means high postage prices, as an envelope with the pin has to be shipped at package rate. This is why I’m calling it the Export level.

So if you are from outside the US and have been scared off by the high shipping prices for the membership, this is a way to not have to pay as much. But if you do want the pin, get the Basic membership and brace yourself for…

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Midnite Bicycle League Challenge: The very final hours!

Photo credit: schneebremse Hello folks! The Midnite Bicycle League 2022 Challenge is about to wind down. The challenge ends a minute before sunrise on Monday February 15th, all times local. You need to do three rides by then if you haven't already stared. Thankfully there are five more nights possible during this challenge. But the... Continue Reading →

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