Midnite Bicycle League Challenge 2022


What exactly is the charm of riding a bicycle in the middle of winter? Not only winter in general, but the Nordic winter to be specific, at the night as well. Bicycle paths are over flowinging with snow, ice and slush. Zero degrees along with wind factor creates temperatures that more reminds of Alistair MacLean´s novel “Station Zebra” than at pleasant bicycle ride.

A ride at night in the snow

Riding a vintage bicycle in those conditions is not only something for the hardcore endurance explorers experts, with their ultra modern dual dampening suspension and super strong grip snow tires. There is a few odd tweedians that firmly believes that a brisk bicycle ride is good for you. Alas, with summer tires mounted on a rusty old bicycle, there are certain room for debate on that point of view. Tally-ho!

Urban Adventure League had an success back…

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