A week and change into the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge. (And there’s still time to join!)

Hello folks! Things are hummin’ along here at the Midnite Bicycle League HQ. For this year’s challenge, we have 85 people who have registered! Nice. And we have participants from as far north as Anchorage, Alaska and Sweden!

Want in? Don’t worry, there is still time for you to join in on the action. Head on over to the Big Cartel to register. (Please note: The url for registration has recently changed. Please use the link here to register and not any old links you may have gotten.)

It was a wet week last week here in Portland. But this week has been drier. I managed my first ride of the challenge on Monday. You can read about it via the journal comic above.

How about other people? Well, since this is an analog(ue) write-in journal kinda thing, there isn’t a requirement to see stuff on the internet. But people have posted stuff to the Instagram:

There’s also more shared via Stories, which can’t be embedded on WordPress. You can go here to see them or go to my profile page and click on the “Midnite22” circle up top. (Please note that these may not work if you are not logged into an Instagram account.)

I haven’t seen anything on tumblr or flickr yet. For flickr users, I have set up a Group for Midnite Bicycle League where you can upload pics from this year’s challenge and add ones from last year too. Go here and join, or see the album below.

The Chevy Store, Montavilla. 12 Feb 2023
Oh yeah, don’t forget to tag anything you post on flickr, tumblr, or Instagram with #midnitebicycleleague2022

Okay, get out there and have fun!

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