BEWARE of bootleg Society of Three Speeds merchandise!

Society Of Three Speeds

Yesterday (Thursday 6 January) I was alerted by Society member Rowan in Blackpool, UK that there was someone selling t-shirts and mugs online emblazoned with the older (2018-20) SoTS logo. This was on one of those sites (like Zazzle, but not Zazzle) where you simply upload a design and can have stuff printed on demand. A quick DCMA takedown notice was sent to their legal department, and they took down the listing.

So I just want to remind you that there are only two “legit” places you can purchase Society of Three Speeds merch:

And the only thing currently for sale is the membership kit, which includes patch, stickers, pin, and a membership card. I don’t have any SoTS apparel right now, but someday I hope to.

Thank you all for your support!

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