Coffeeneuring 2021 Wrap Up

Coffeeneuring Self-Portrait during my first ride of the challenge to Mount Tabor, 18 Oct 2021. Camera: Olympus XA2. Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200

It’s been a few weeks since I completed this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge. I’m overall happy with how it turned out, though I didn’t meet my “challenge with a challenge” of riding all my bikes, skipping the Raleigh Superbe. I mostly did the challenge on the Brompton since it’s the new and sexy bike in the fleet, with one ride on the Bantam and one on the Heavy Duti.

Most of the rides happened in Portland, with one in San Diego and one in Los Angeles. This makes it my furthest-reaching Coffeneuring Challenge yet. I rode a total of approximately 82 miles (130 km). Two of them were true “coffee outside” experiences where I brewed my coffee en plein air. The other five consisted of heading to coffee shops and either consuming the coffee there or going somewhere else. (With pandemic still a concern, I try to stay outside if possible.)

I had fun on this year’s challenge, though the enthusiasm dwindles at about ride 5. I think this happens on any challenge that goes on for a bit, I’m the same way with Three Speed October. This is a big reason why most of the other challenges I’ve hosted have moved to just three rides.

And this year marks my tenth Coffeeneuring Challenge! I have participated consistently since 2013, though there was one year (2019?) that I came in one ride short of completing the challenge. Here’s to another year. Thanks for hosting this, Mary!

For photos from this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge, please see the dynamic flickr album below. Or click here.

Coffeeneuring 2021, Ride 2: Stumptown on Belmont/Laurelhurst Park. 21 Oct 2021

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