East Portland Cemeteries Ride 2021 Recap

Yeah, it was over two weeks ago, but being out of town for two weeks has definitely put a crimp on my blogging!

Anyways, it was a beautiful fall day on Saturday October 30th–sun and a high somewhere between 55F and 60F (13-16C). I had a little over a dozen participants that met me at Parkrose Transit Center and they were enthusiastic about exploring obscure graveyards. Great, right?

Well, the ride started off with a one-two punch in the wrong direction. I wiped out on wet leaves in front of our first stop, Columbia Masonic (or Columbia Pioneer, or Columbia Masonic Pioneer, depending on who you ask.) And then I look up to see that the gates to the cemetery were closed and locked. In all my years stopping here, it’s never been closed! Did they do this to preemptively thwart Halloween miscreants?1 Who knows. I was scared that I’d run into more closed cemeteries.

Thankfully that was not the case. The next stop, Powell Grove on NE 122nd at Sandy, was wide open and available for exploration. So was stop three, Brainard at NE Glisan at 90th. (Thankfully, neither of these graveyards had fences.) We also squeezed in a stop at Luuwit View Park between Powell Grove and Brainard.

We finished the ride at Multnomah Park Cemetery at SE Holgate and 82nd. While fenced, the gates were open, and we were free to check out the largest burial ground on the ride (and the only one with a mausoleum, albeit a small one.)

The ride was 12 miles (see route here) and some folks headed over to a nearby food cart pod afterwards for food and libations. And a couple ibuprofen took care of any aches I suffered from the fall!

Photos of the ride in the dynamic flickr album below, or click here.

East Portland Cemeteries Ride, 30 Oct 2021: Powell Grove Cemetery Stop

1 Unlike my native New England, Portland doesn’t seem to celebrate Mischief Night (October 30)

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