Three Speed October 2021: Weeks 2 and 3 report

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello folks! I skipped a report on Week 2, so here’s a big ol’ combo one.

To start, I didn’t ride during the second week possible of the challenge, for two reasons: I just got back my Bantam after a month in the shop, so I really wanted to ride that. Plus, my Superbe was having cotter issues, so it was in the shop for most of that week. So the third week possible began my Week Two. And I only got in two rides this week, but one ride was pretty significant, as you’ll see below.

I’ll make up my third ride for this week AFTER I complete my Week 3. And this serves as a reminder to all of you who missed a ride or two during a week: Now begins the “Make-Up” period. You can make up rides from weeks that have passed. But the important thing…

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