Photo of Boise from flickr user Eneko Bidegain.

As you read this blog post, I am on my way to the capital of Idaho, Boise, a city I have never been to.

Perhaps you may find this surprising, as Idaho is just the next state over. But “next state over” means something different here in the West rather than in the East where I grew up. Boise is about seven hours away by car, which is quite a drive. Seven hours from my old home in Connecticut could have gotten me practically to Richmond, Virginia, and I would have passed through four states to get there!

I’ve wanted to go to Boise for a long time, but it just hasn’t happened. The closest I got there was during my Trans-Oregon Tour in 2010: Initially Kiran, my co-conspirator, wanted to end the ride in Boise and fly home. But Kiran bailed a few days in due to injury and I ended up ending the ride in the Tri-Cities instead. I may have passed through Boise if my other favorite conveyance, the train, went through there. But Amtrak hasn’t gone through there in almost twenty-five years. (I’ve passed through the Idaho Panhandle numerous times in a train and once on a bike, though.) If there was a compelling enough reason for me to visit Idaho even during my “broke-ass zinester”1 phase, like a zine/comix event, I would have made my way there somehow, perhaps suffer a long Greyhound ride. But that never happened.

So now we come to the now, and finally a reason to visit Boise: Work, specifically Emee’s work. So we booked a couple nights in a cool hotel downtown. We are flying out, which is my least favorite conveyance, but neither of us wanted to spend the time to drive, at least this time. It’ll be weird flying in these COVID times, but I’ll survive.

I should be taking a bunch of film photos when I’m out there, I’ll post them when I get them developed. You can check out my Instagram or flickr in the meantime, I may post a couple reports there.

Alright, I hope to have fun! If you have any suggestions about Boise, feel free to leave them in the comments. Please note that we’ll mostly be on foot with a bit of biking and will stay in the central city, so suggestions about things outside of town that will take an hour to drive to won’t be helpful.

1 Vs. my broke-ass artists days of now.

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