Quick July ride reports: Train History, Dead Freeways, and Sunset/Moonrise

Hey folks! Here’s a trio of reports on my Pedalpalooza rides from July, so far.

Train History Ride: Following the Steam Line to St. Johns. On Sunday July 11th, Dan Haneckow of Cafe Unknown and myself led folks from Lower Albina to the far-flung North Portland district. It was a pleasant but warm day, a nice day for cruising on side streets through the Peninsula. We stopped in various spots: a housing development that used to house a mansion, Peninsula Park, a former library branch, and more. Some folks joined Dan and I for food and beer after the ride.

Jonathan Maus of Bike Portland came on the ride and wrote a nice report about it here.

Pictures below or click here.

Train History ride to St. Johns, 11 July 2021

The next day I led my Dead Freeways Ride. This is a ride I have been doing since 2006 (wow!) so after fifteen years I almost feel like I can do it on autopilot. Unlike Sunday’s ride where Dan did most of the talking, it was just me so I got pretty hoarse towards the end. The ride started in Goose Hollow, wound through downtown, then crossed the Willamette into SE. I talked about existing freeways (Sunset, Stadium, East Bank), one that was removed (Harbor) and the one that was not to be (Mount Hood). We rode until after dark, ending at SE 54th and Powell. A few of us got food and drink at the Thunderbird after the ride. Pictures below or click here.

Dead Freeways Ride, 12 July 2021

My first two “nerdy educational rides” (as Jonathan Maus put it) in at least a year and a half went well. We had around twenty for each ride, a good and manageable number. As Pedalpalooza and Bike Fun in general get dominated by party rides, I’ve wondered if there is still a place for what I do. Turns out there is. People had fun, and a few folks told me they appreciated these smaller, informative rides. So I’ll keep on doing them.

Friday July 23rd was the second 2021 installment of my Sunset/Moonrise Ride. About 50 folks met up at Normandale Park. Rumor was that the leader for the Taylor Swift ride never showed and some of those riders made their way to my ride. It was a beautiful warm and clear night, and the moonrise from Cully Park was much clearer than the one in June. Pictures below or click here.

Sunset/Moonrise Ride from Normandale to Cully Park, 23 July 2021

As for future rides:

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