Société des Rambleneurs starts TOMORROW! There’s still PLENTY of time to get in on the action

Hello friends! After brutal temperatures here in Portland, with three days of triple-digit temps and a record breaking 112F/44C, temperatures have dropped to a “more” reasonable 90F or so. It’s still hot as heck, but not hot enough that I don’t want to go on a bike ride. But I don’t want to ride fast or hard. And I’m guessing you may not either. There’s a time and a place for that, but for me it ain’t now.

Thankfully my summertime challenge is all about riding slow and easy. And this challenge starts tomorrow, Thursday July 1st! Introducing the Société des Rambleneurs Challenge!

Rambleneuring is about mindfulness. It’s not concerned with speed, distance, or the end goal. It’s about the little things in between. It’s about lazy days in summer, unrushed, stopping to smell the roses (to use a cliche), observing.

What do you have to do in the Challenge?

  • Ride anywhere from one ride up to five rides during the Challenge period
  • Each ride should be three miles (5 km) in length, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule
  • Each ride should take at least ninety minutes, the longer the better. This is also not a hard and fast rule
  • Each ride must hit up at least one of the sub-challenges listed below
  • You can do up to three sub-challenges in one ride
  • You can repeat any sub-challenge twice, if that moves you
  • You can do up to three rides in one week (week defined as Sunday-Saturday)
  • You can only do one ride a day.
    • If you do a ride that continues after midnight, the ride will count for the day you started.
    • If you wanted to do a ride on the day the ride above spills over into, you must go to sleep before the next day’s ride, and the ride cannot start before sunrise.
  • The challenge can be done on any bike

Here are the Sub-Challenges:

  1. Dead Ends. Ride to at least one dead-end street on your route, more if you’d like.
  2. The Road Less Taken. Travel on streets/roads you normally don’t ride on.
  3. Urban/Rural
    1. If you live in an urban area, ride to an area that feels rural.
    2. If you live in a rural area, ride to an area that feels urban.
    3. If you live in a suburban area, you can choose to ride to an area that feels urban or rural, or hit up both!
    4. These areas don’t need to be exactly “urban” or “rural”. It is open to your interpretation.
  4. Water. Ride by a body of water (natural or man-made). Bonus points if you go in the water, even if it’s just your feet.
  5. Promonotory. Ride to a high spot, preferably one with a view.
  6. Zig-Zag. Choose an endpoint no more than five miles (8 km) from your start. Get to this endpoint by the least direct route possible.
  7. Interesting roads.” There are some weird and unusual street names out there. Find one or more and ride to it.
  8. The opposite of Paperless. Use a paper map to navigate your route. Do not pull out your phone for guidance unless you are truly horribly lost or are in danger.
  9. Stop for what interests ya. This one is open to wide interpretation. Simply put, stop as many times as you want for interesting things on the journey. If these things are part of a theme determined by you, all the better!
  10. Coffee Outside. Drinking hot beverages outdoors on a bicycle ride is always nice! It can be coffee (even instant!), tea, hot cocoa, hot cider, or other warm beverage. You can complete this challenge in one of three ways:
    1. Bring a stove and make coffee at your destination.
    2. Make coffee at home and bring it to your destination.
    3. Pick up coffee along the way and drink it at your destination.

Everyone who signs up and does at least one ride, and submits their journal:

  • A membership card with your member number
  • Two stickers

And everyone who completes at least three rides and submits their journal gets all of the above, plus a patch made by Falls Creek Outfitters!

The Rambleneur Challenge will happen from 12:01 AM on Thursday July 1st, 2021 to 11:59 PM on Sunday August 15, 2021. All times local to wherever you be.

Want in? Registration is required! Use the Etsy link below. There is a registration fee of $25 USD plus shipping/handling for the club and prize packs. This price will cover my initial shipping of the reporting journal plus the shipping of the prize pack and returned journal. (Shipping of the journal to me is not included, you need to pay for that.)

When you sign up, I will send you an Official Reporting Journal. This journal will contain all the rules and pages for you to document your rides. If you are in the US, you must send me via post the physical journal. If you are outside the US, you can send scans/photos/PDFs of the journal.

For full information on the challenge, go here.

Register for the challenge here.

I love to hear from you! Please note that all comments are manually moderated. I usually approve comments within 48 hours.

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