The great shearing

It was time to lose the long hair.

I had been growing it since November of 2019. I intended to get a haircut in March of 2020 (when I had the cash) but then pandemic happened. Since barbers and salons required close interpersonal contact, they were one of the last businesses to reopen. So I decided to keep growing the hair. I had it long in my youth, up until about my high school graduation. Every decade or so I decide to grow the hair out, and I figured now would be a good time to do so.

It kept growing and growing. A few months ago I went to the barber to get some of the length cut, but I still kept it long. I figure since it took me this long to get this far, might as well keep the length around for a bit more and see what I want to do.

I did warm up to my long hair (as I did to the beard I grew over the winter). But I knew that I didn’t want to just keep growing it. I was sick of hair getting in my face, and I do not want to wear it in a ponytail. I thought about a different haircut that would keep the length but make the hair more sculpted, more manageable. But I couldn’t think of a particular cut that I wanted.

Getting it all cut off got more appealing as summer approaches. No more sweaty hair for the most part, no more bulk. And I wanted to move on. The long hair was due to the pandemic, and as it starts to fade ever-so-slowly, I wanted less reminders of the things we had to do to make do.

I got the hair cut on Tuesday June 15th. As I watched the hair rapidly get clipped off my head, I felt relief. I was a little scared going in, as I got used to the long hair. Would the old short-haired Shawn be such a shock? Turns out it wasn’t. I left the barber much lighter in head and spirit.

I’m sure I’ll grow the hair out again, as I will a beard. I don’t know exactly when that will happen. At the very earliest that would be fall. But I want to give good ol’ short-haired Shawn a chance first.

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