PDX Coffee Outside at Mt. Tabor, 29 May 2021

Another week, another PDX Coffee Outside! This one happened atop Mt. Tabor on Saturday May 29th. After the reinstatement of Coffee Outside the week previous, and the shift to Saturdays at 9, I’m committed to hitting up as many of them as possible. It doesn’t hurt that the destination was just two miles from my house!

But there is a key difference between Laurelhurst Park (the destination for Saturday May 22) and Mt. Tabor. Both are about two miles from my house. But getting to Laurelhurst is pretty flat. Getting to the top of Tabor is all up. That 2 1/2 mile ride has 450 feet of climbing, with a lot of 5-7% grades. Me being me, I decided to ride up on the Raleigh Superbe. Not the best bike for this climb, but it didn’t fail me either.

There was about 15-20 people already up at the top when I arrived. Many familiar faces, some new. I got to work making coffee, using my Trangia 27 stormcooker setup, Hario grinder, and GSI “sock” pour over. And no, I don’t remember what kind of beans I brought.

People hung out until 11:30. I decided to go on a little ramble towards Lents afterwards. The cool and shady top of Tabor didn’t prepare me for the sweaty reality below.

I didn’t go to Coffee Outside on June 5th, but perhaps this week…

For photos of this Coffee Outside, see the dynamic flickr album below. Or click here. Photos on my Minolta Hi-Matic 7s with either Kodak Elite Chrome 100 slide film (first few shots) or Kodak Pro Image 100 (the rest).

PDX Coffee Outside at Mt. Tabor, 29 May 2021

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  1. Looks like a fun gathering, although I’d be the odd man out, as I’d have to make Hot Coco, coffee and I don’t mix, sadly!! Really enjoy your photo work! I remember being a HS kid in the 70’s, had a 35mm SLR or a Lecia Range Finder hanging around my neck all the time!! HS Newletter and Year Book photographer and camera nut!! Was suppose to be a “Photographer” in the USAF but at AFFESS Testing found out I was considered “Color-Blind” (actually Shade Blind) but that disqualified me as a photographer, lost my love for it after that, still enjoy taking snapshots! Love your cameras, keep it up! 🙂

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