Deadline Day for reporting the Three Speed April 2021 Challenge!

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of Three Speeds! It’s been three weeks since the Three Speed April 2021 Challenge ended. Now is the “do or die” time: I must receive your completed journals so you can get your prizes!

People in the US: You MUST send your completed journal via post. Entries must be postmarked by today, Friday May 21st, to qualify. Note I said “postmark”. You do not need to Express Mail me or such nonsense, though you should use tracking via First Class Package or Priority Mail. (Please DO NOT send via Certified or Registered Mail!) You just need to get your journal out by today. Last pickup time for most urban post offices is by 5PM, so you’ll need to drop it in the mail before then. It can be earlier for rural areas. And you should still copy your journal somehow in case the mailed-in copy gets lost.


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