Preorder on NEW Society of Three Speeds membership kits extended until June 1st! Here’s a bit more about them.

Society Of Three Speeds

I announced back in March that the Society’s membership kit was getting a redo. After a couple years of the “Rocky Butte Light” logo, I wanted something cleaner and simpler, more akin to the Great Northern Railway (US) logo from the mid-twentieth century. Since the pre-order went live, I’ve gotten several orders for the new kit. Thank you for the support!

But I’m sure there’s some of you out there that have the old kit and are perhaps reluctant to purchase the new one. You already have your membership card and the old design in stickers, buttons, and a patch. Why bother with the new design?

Well, there are a couple unique things happening in the new kit. I’m going to share them with you today in hopes to tempt you. Also to tempt you: The pre-order sale will continue until June 1st! You can get the basic kit for…

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