Midnite Bicycle League Challenge Update: Prize packs still going out and what the next one may look like

Hello, friends! It’s been over a month since the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge closed. I’ve received around 75 completed journals from all corners of the world. We had a little over 120 registrants, so it’s been a 60% return rate. So cool that so many of you completed the Challenge!

And 75 journals is…quite a lot. I’ve returned over half of them along with the prize packs and membership cards, but there are still more to go. If you have sent in your Journal and have not received your prize pack yet, fear not! I hope to get through the rest in the next couple weeks. Thank you for your patience. I’ll email you a notification when I do send them out. You would have or will get an email notification via Etsy and/or PayPal when your prize pack with journal was sent/will be sent.

It’s been fun reading all the reports, and it sounds like most of you enjoyed the challenge, despite it being the coldest time of year.* I’ve heard from several folks how the challenge got them to ride more and more often during a season when hibernation is common. I’m happy that the challenge has inspired people!

As my second “Journal through the mail” challenge, I’m still learning what works and what doesn’t. I do hope to have another Midnite Bicycle League challenge this winter. I’ve got some ideas of how things could (could) change for future challenges:

  • A shorter challenge. In retrospect, I think three months is a bit too long for the challenge. While giving people a lot of time to complete the challenge can be a benefit, it also can lead to the illusion that one has more time than they thought. There were a few surprised folks who were shocked when I gave the “last week heads-up” at the end of February–they thought the challenge was longer! So tightening up the timeframe to two months vs three is a possiblity. Two months is still plenty of time to do five rides!
  • With a shorter challenge, a later start. I’ll probably push the start to January 1st instead of December 1st. While one can argue that starting in December is preferable since the weather may be “better” then, the big push of this challenge is to get more folks to ride when riding conditions are at their worst, which is typically January and February. Moving the start to January 1st would also make the dates less confusing–I wouldn’t have to apply 2021-22 to the title, or confuse people by just using one year. (This happened a few times with the “2020” challenge, which mostly happened in 2021.) And having the Challenge start after Christmas means people could purchase it as a present for someone else!
  • A loosening of (some) rules. I realize that winter riding is “catch when you can”, and storms and less-than-ideal conditions will occur. Losing the requirement that riding be spread over two months can make that easier for people. I should still keep the five rides total, no more than two in a week rule, but now you’d be able to do it all in the same month if you want.

Now these are all ideas, I’m not 100% positive that I’ll implement them. These challenges are organic activities and evolve over time. If you’d like to share your opinion about past and future rules, please get in touch!

*Alas, no one from the Southern Hemisphere participated.

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