Taming the mane

Over the last year I grew my hair out. This wasn’t the plan, but the shuttering of haircutting services in March 2020 (right when I needed a haircut) due to the pandemic forced my hand. Even though I’ve mostly kept my hair short for my adult life, every ten to twenty years I feel the urge to grow it out, as long as I can.

It was almost 18 months since my last haircut, and I was getting sick of the length. It was getting tangled, it was getting in the way, especially when I used a camera with a shoulder strap. I needed to do something, and I was finally comfortable enough to sit in a barber chair for a half-hour. (Having an N95 mask definitely helps.) I could cut it all off, which had appeal. But I worked so long to get it long, I wanted to keep it longish for a little while more. So I got the bulk in back trimmed off, cut to about two inches below my ear.

The haircut is definitely interesting! I don’t recall having a haircut like this before. It definitely gives off an early-mid 90’s vibe, a do seen on alt-indie rockers of the time. I knew a few guys in my high school that had something like it, but I was too much into pretending I was a metalhead, and metalheads in 1992-3 didn’t have a haircut that Evan Dando might rock. (Ah, to be young and insecure!) So I finally have that 90’s haircut that I didn’t have in the 90’s. So retro.

Oh yeah, the beard is going to go soon as well. It was a good experiment for the fall and winter, but it’s spring, and I want a fresh start. Maybe I’ll grow it back late in the year, we’ll see. And let’s see how long I keep the haircut. I want to give it a couple months until the start of summer. Maybe it’ll last through it, maybe I’ll get the desire to cut it all off…

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