Midnite Bicycle League Challenge 2020: Time to send in those reports

Hello friends! The Midnite Bicycle League Challenge ended overnight Sunday. So far, I’ve gotten thirty completed journals, but there are 120 people who registered. Are you someone who hasn’t sent in a journal yet? Well, you can’t do any more rides at this point. So now is the time to finalize your journal and get it to me!

Here’s some important points:

  • Didn’t do all five rides? Send your journal in! You’ll still get the two stickers but won’t get the patch. If you don’t send it in, you don’t get stickers.
  • For those of you outside of the US: You do not need to mail me the journal. Simply scan or take photos of the relevant pages, meaning: the pages you write on (other than the final checklist, I don’t need to see that.) The pics just need to be in some format that can be emailed to me. You will need to email me by Friday, March 19, 2021 with your completed report.
  • For those of you inside the US: You will need to mail in your journal. Journals need to be postmarked by Friday, March 19th to qualify.
    • Make sure you make a digital copy of the journal for your records, and in case the journal gets lost in transit. I’ll accept a digital copy if the physical one is lost.
    • I urge you to use tracking. It doesn’t have to be Priority or Express Mail, you can just do First Class Package. I advise you to not send it Certified. Certified means I need to sign for it, which means I’ll need to stand in a line at the Post Office. I don’t like doing that when there’s no pandemic, less so now. So please, First-Class Package over Certified. You’re not sending legal documents, and First-Class Package is typically cheaper.
    • I will send a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of receiving your journal. So I will let you know when I get it, but it won’t be instantaneous. Please do not email asking me “Did you receive my journal?” until at least two weeks after you send it. And if you are really concerned about knowing when I receive the journal, use tracking so you will know.
  • I’ll start sending out the prize packs later this month and through April.

Alright, hope you had fun with the challenge! I look forward to seeing all the reports.

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