The final week of the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge starts today

Hello folks! We are counting down to the end of the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge. This is the final week, and if you haven’t already you need to complete your two final rides this week. (Of course you should have done the three other rides before now!) I’m now getting the prize packs ready. This year’s patch has been finalized by Falls Creek Outfitters (see above.) Prize packs should start going out sometime in March or April.

Some pertinent notes:

  • Have you already completed the challenge but haven’t sent in the completed journal? The time to send it in is now. Please make sure you make a digital copy for your records in case the journal gets lost in the post. Please also send the parcel with tracking, first class package preferred over certified mail.
  • Didn’t do your three rides before this week? Under special circumstances, I’ll allow you to make up rides this week. But you’ll need to get in touch with me first and get approval.
  • If you’re not going to finish all three rides before February 28th, please still fill in your journal with what you did and send it to me. Anyone who does still gets stickers.

Alright, Sunday February 28th is the deadline day. You can do your final ride after sunset (your time) that day and before sunrise on Monday March 1st.

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