A bloggin’ refresh

Hello folks! It’s a new year, a time for a refresh. A new focus on blogs. And ain’t no better way to refocus on yer blog than by changing the theme, eh?

Those of you who actually look at my Urban Adventure League WordPress blog via URL (hi, Tim!)* instead of through a reader may have noticed the new coat of paint. The theme’s name is Baskerville 2. I like it so far. It features “panels” vs a linear webpage, so it gives the blog a sleek look. One thing I dig about this new theme is that it uses whatever the first photo in the post is for a “highlight”, aka what you see when scrolling through the panels. Before, I needed to use “featured content” for that to happen. But since I maxxed out my WordPress media storage, I can’t do that anymore. So it’s nice to have that option again! But the theme isn’t perfect: the widgets sidebar doesn’t appear on the main page, but will appear on any post or other page. So if you are wondering where all that bizness is, it’s there.

And I’ve also updated the look of the Society of Three Speeds site. It’s using the Button 2 theme.

But wait! There’s more. You probably forgot about the tumblr blog I created seven years ago. Originally it was going to be just about bikes I spotted, hence the title Bikes Spotted PDX. But over the years, it’s just become a “repeater” of this blog, the SoTS blog, my Instagram posts, occasional flickr posts, and very occasional reblogs of other tumblr content. I decided to make it all consistent, so now it has the Urban Adventure League name/url as well. Feel free to check it out, but if you are already following the WordPress blogs and perhaps my Instagram, there’s not much of a point. Love tumblr? Then go for it! Oh yeah, I got a new theme there, called “Indy”.

*Hi, Norm!

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