2020 in Journal Comix

I’ve had a rough history with diary or journal comics. I had a pretty good run from 2007 to 2009, then the next decade was spotty. Then I decided to participate in the 2019 Inktober Challenge, where one is supposed to do a pen-and-ink drawing each day of the month. I had a little Rhodia sketchbook that was unused, so I thought a daily challenge would put it to good use. And since it’s small (just about 4.25″ x 5.5″) I didn’t have to worry about big elaborate pieces each day. I didn’t have much of a plan when I started drawing (and didn’t follow the “Official Prompts”) but it quickly evolved into a daily diary. And that was good.

Inktober ended, but I decided to keep the journal comic going into this year. Without the challenge, I didn’t draw as often as I hoped, but it was more than I had been drawing for some time. And that’s good. I realize that I’ll never “draw as much as I want”, but I’d rather have something to aim for (draw more) than be smugly satisfied with my output. Strive for more.

I had a pretty good run this year. I did just over 150 entries, a little over half of the year. Some months got documented better than others. Last year I collected the October drawings into a comic. I don’t think I’ll be collecting these comics, as many of them are in color, and color printing is still expensive. That’s okay. I did this for me, and hopefully you can get something out of them too.

The full album of 2020 Journal Comix is below, or click here.

Journal Comic, 14 May 2020. Daisies.

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  1. I always enjoy your journal comics, Shawn! I just scrolled through your Journal Comic 2020 album on Flickr. It’s a nice retrospective. I’m going to share your album with some of my family members who live in Portland. I think my second son, who does electronic drawings, will especially appreciate them. He currently posts his illustrations on Instagram @loganmcclureart. As I recall when I was active on IG, you couldn’t create albums with more than 10 photos. If that is still the case, perhaps I can also entice him to join us on Flickr. (Yes, that was a shameless plug.) Your journaling also inspires me to consider doing the same, except with photos. I plan to continue my Portland photowalks in 2021, but I’d like also like to step up my game and try some other genres.

  2. Perhaps Flickr will become a go-to platform again after the Feds break IG off from FB… Hard to predict. As I said in the ‘Have an idea for Flickr?…’ Help Forum thread a while back, I’m pleased with the back-end infrastructure work SmugMug has done since their acquisition. Wearing my IT hat, the migration to cloud-based infrastructure was overdue. Now, I’d like to now see some fundamental improvements made to the mobile app. I think that’s one place where IG shines. Regardless, I hope there isn’t ever an attempt to monetize Flickr since SmugMug is for that. Finally, I didn’t do a 2020 retrospective but I did create a ‘2020 Portland Metro Walks and Hikes’ album as in past years. From a long wet walk on 1/5 in Milwaukie to a long sunny walk on 12/28 to/from The Grotto. Link – https://www.flickr.com/photos/memcclure/albums/72157712921385571/

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