Midnite Bicycle League Challenge 2020

A great #midnitebicycleleague2020 report from Sweden!


The general feeling at this time each year is the felling of almost sitting inside an freezer with the lid closed. It is chilly and dark everywhere.

It is winter season up here in the cold north. It will be at least 3 more months before things starts to get nicer with warm weather, earlier sunrises and even later sunsets. More light and spring time will be welcomed after a long, dark and cold winter.

During the winter there are not so many tweed events as during the summer. But some snow is no obstacle for a true bicycle rider. There are no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Tweed are a warm and reliable garment. it is only a matter of getting up on your bicycle, heading out on icy roads, snowy bicycle lanes and trying to keep away from the largest snow banks. Does the winter…

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