My year in photos: Finding my “top nine”

It’s become a thing on Instagram: Get the “Top Nine” app, which will tell you your nine most popular posts of the year. “Popular” meaning “most likes”. I did it, and this is what I got:

So…seven of the nine pics involve bicycles. That’s no surprise, my IG is bicycle-centric. Posts without bikes aren’t usually as popular, leading to the common mantra hash-tag #nobikesnolikes. And all but two of those seven feature me, which I think goes along with the “put a face to the account” approach.

What do I think? The photos above are fine. But they’re definitely not what I would consider my “top nine” pics of the year. This year saw me dive head-first back into film photography. 2020 was a year of playing around with various 35 mm cameras, figuring out things like exposure, working on composition.

I dug through my flickr account, a better repository of my photos than Instagram. I couldn’t find a way to find out the top nine pics on flickr the same way I did on Instagram, and yes, I have a Pro account. (All I can find is the top photos of all time or what people viewed today.) So I created a “favorite” album from this year’s pics, which is bigger than just nine. See below or click here.

At Attention. 9 December 2020

From that album, I tried to whittle it down to my “top nine” which was much harder. I made it easier on my self by breaking it down to nine color, nine black and white. That was still tough. You can see these albums below.

Along the Discovery Trail. Long Beach Peninsula, Washington. 7 August 2020
A visit to Domaine Roy Vineyard, Dundee OR, 16 Jan 2020

You’ll notice that there’s still bikes, but much less than my Instagram faves. And no shots of myself. I can’t really call any self-portrait that I did my favorite from this year, but I did do a few good ones.

Anyways, take a look! Feel free to comment here or on flickr on any of the pics.

What’s your Top Nine looking like for 2020?

And Happy New Year!

One thought on “My year in photos: Finding my “top nine”

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  1. Isn’t it funny what pops out as preference to different people?

    If I were picking my top 9 favorite of your color pictures from the bigger album, they’d be these, in no particular order:

    Trees in winter. 30 Nov 2020
    Golden. Mt Tabor, 30 Oct 2020
    A visit to Domaine Roy Vineyard, Dundee OR, 16 Jan 2020
    Waikiki Beach and Cape Disappointment Light. 15 October 2020
    Powell Butte with Steve M. 14 July 2020
    Trees in winter. 30 Nov 2020
    A visit to Domaine Roy Vineyard, Dundee OR, 16 Jan 2020
    Lucia Falls, East Fork Lewis River. 7 Sept 2020
    Robin Hood Path Racer, 4 May 2020

    ..except that maybe the two “trees in winter” ones are my top favorites, but that might also be the mood I’m in right now;) Anyway, always appreciate the pictures:)

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