Midnite Bicycle League 2020 Challenge: A week-and-a-half in.

Some Official Reporting Journals are off to the United Kingdom!

Hello folks! The interest in the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge has been great! I’ve been busy sending out journals. We’ve gotten quite a bit of attention in the UK recently, so there’ll be some heading ‘cross the pond.

To all of those who have registered, thank you! I’ve been getting out orders in a day or two. I will note that the Postal Service has been extremely slow, due to COVID, the holidays, and the like. (Not to mention lack of funding!) I’ve heard from a few people that it’s taken over a week to receive their journal. So please be patient.

And if you haven’t received your journal, remember that you can still do rides! Just record them elsewhere and transcribe into your journal. I would advise that you check out the full rules before you ride. (The rules are also included in the journal.)

Haven’t registered yet? There’s still plenty of time. Sign up via the two links below. The second link bundles in a year of my Postcard Club for the low price of $10, a savings of $5.

And don’t forget that you can gift a Challenge registration! Just make sure you put in the notes the name, email address, and mailing address of the person it’ll be gifted to.

While I haven’t seen any journals yet, I know folks are out there doing rides. Check out the hashtag #midnitebicycleleague2020 on Instagram for posts.

Now get out there and ride your bike…at night!

I love to hear from you! Please note that all comments are manually moderated. I usually approve comments within 48 hours.

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