In defense of the 70’s three speed, or, it don’t matter as long as it’s a three speed.

Society Of Three Speeds

I frequently frequent the “For the love of British Three Speeds” thread over on Bikeforums. It’s been going on for ten years, and is now almost at 950 pages with 23,000 individual posts! There’s a lot there, and a good waste of a couple days if you want to dive in. Over the past couple of years it’s generally the same 6-10 people mulling over the minutia of three speeds. These guys (and it’s 95% men, as far as I can tell) can definitely be helpful if a newbie comes on to ask about some esoteric thing.

But spend enough time, and you’ll see where their preferences lie. The pattern I’ve seen emerge is more a concern for the specifics than the general. It’s more about geeking out over parts than having fun riding the bikes. And many of these guys have preferences in what era of three speed you…

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