Three Speed October: Get those journals in!

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of three speeds. The deadline for getting me the journals has passed. But I know that there’s still folks out there that need to send in their journals. So please send them in, even if you haven’t finished nine rides. Anyone who has done at least one ride and submits their Official Reporting Journal will get two stickers plus an Honorable Mention in the wrap-up report.

This is the last reminder I will post about this. I’m not contacting people individually if they haven’t submitted a journal. If you are still going to send in your journal, get in touch. Not sending it in? You can still let me know. Did you purchase a new Society of Three Speeds membership when you signed up? I urge you to contact me to tell me that you’re still sending in the journal or not. If you bought a new membership…

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In praise of the simple butt pad

I've been using a seat pad for a few years. I got my first one in 2017: Impressed by my friend's use during roadside snack breaks on tours, I figured I should get one for my first ever backpacking trip. Unlike bike touring, there wasn't going to be a picnic table at my campsite. It's... Continue Reading →

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