A quick trip to the Gorge!

Crown Point from Menucha (NOT Women’s Forum!), 14 Aug 2020. Pentax IQ Zoom 928 (Espio 928). Kodak Ultramax 400.

If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know that my favorite “get out of town on the bike” destination is the Columbia Gorge. It’s close-by (starts about ten miles from my door) and is unbelievably scenic. But since this pandemic started, the preferred (read: pretty much only) routing out there, the Historic Columbia River Highway, has been mostly closed to through travel. The idea around that was to discourage people from crowding the waterfalls and scenic destinations. And I mean it was closed, even to bicycles. I’ve heard several reports of bikes being turned around by sheriffs and deputies.

But a couple weeks ago, I heard that they finally reopened the whole thing. And now I want to get out there again. And no better way to enjoy it by riding out to Ainsworth State Park, about thirty miles from my front door, to camp!

I went ahead and made a booking for a site for this evening. Sure, there is a hiker/biker site there. But I wasn’t that impressed with it the last time I camped in it. It could have improved since the last time I was out there, but I didn’t want to take the chance on that small and possibly crowded spot. Instead I booked one of the “walk-in” (read: haul stuff the short distance from your car) sites instead. It costs about three times as much as the hiker/biker, but I’m now guaranteed a spacious–and private!–spot by myself. Plus, making a reservation will motivate me to go no matter what, just like I did with my Barton trip in July.

So I may post something quick while I’m out. But expect a more formal post in the coming weeks. Hope you’re able to get out there too!

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