Smöl Summer Sale

Hello, friends! The endless purging of unused items continues. This time it’s a grab bag of bike stuff, camp stuff, and shirts. All prices are USD, and do not include shipping. Shipping will start at $4 USD, depending on what and how much you get. Local contacless pickup can be arranged (around Mount Tabor in Portland), but you have to pre-pay first. Payment via PayPal or Square Ca$h. Interested? Drop me a line at and include your ZIP Code so I can sort out shipping costs. Crossed out items have been Sold.

$5 items

  • Zefal Lapize traditional frame pump. Measures 380 mm, will fit in the pump pegs of an old British three speed (like my 1968 Raleigh Superbe.) Comes with hose for schrader tubes.
  • Rustine Constructeur Grips, white. Nice soft rubber. Ribbed. SOLD
  • REI Inflatable sit pad. Still holds air just fine! SOLD
  • Old school cyclometer. Mounts near your front hub, measures distance by a sprocket wheel hitting spokes. Clicky!

$10 Items

  • Ex-Officio long-sleeved “Old Man Action Shirt”, size “L”. Liberally vented and has those “straps” that hold a rolled up sleeve up. Unknown synthetic material (probably polyester), and I say “large” because the tag is gone. SOLD
  • AXA Cafe Lock. Mounts to your seatstay. A quick lock for going into a cafe, hence its common name. But can be used in conjunction with another lock for added security. Includes two keys. Does not include mounting hardware, but I usually attach mine with zipties. SOLD

The $40 Item

  • MUSA striped blue/grey long sleeved shirt, 100% merino wool, size L. That classic shirt that Rivendell used to carry, made in the USA. Well cared for and in good shape, but it’s most likely shrunk a little over the years. SOLD

I love to hear from you! Please note that all comments are manually moderated. I usually approve comments within 48 hours.

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