A Tabor Tuesday

We’re still in the midst of “stay at home” in Oregon. No one knows for sure how long this will last, but the best guess is for at least another month or so. As in most places with “stay at home” orders, people can go outside for exercise so long as they stay at least six feet (two metres) from each other. Bicycling is included as “exercise”.

The shared wisdom for the rides is to stay in one’s own neighborhood. Now is not the time for epic rides far from home. My interpretation is: Don’t go so far that it’s not easy to get home. While in normal times I wouldn’t mind using transit to augment a ride, now is not a good time for that. I don’t want to need to get bailed out in some remote-yet-beautiful spot. And now is the time to keep the biking modest, no “shredding the gnar”. Luckily, I usually don’t.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options that don’t require going that far away. I’m lucky to count Mount Tabor as in my neighborhood. Even though I didn’t go there that much last year, this year I’m making up for it!

And yesterday (Tuesday, March 31) was as good a day as ever to ride up to Tabor. I hadn’t had a ride since Saturday, so I needed to get out. The weather was classic spring: some sun, some clouds, some passing showers. I hopped on the Raleigh Superbe and left the house after one shower, but before the next one. I hid out the rain for a bit under a bush-vine until it stopped, then hit the picnic area on the east side of the mount.

The rain had kept the numbers of people low, thankfully. I did see folks out and about, but there was enough space to practice the safe social distancing. So I hung out for a few minutes in the picnic area, looking east towards the Columbia River Gorge. It got me wistful of all the times I had been out that way. As much as I’d like to get out there now, I know that now is not the time–the attractions have been shuttered, part of the old highway closed to all traffic. I can just hope that I can get back out there soon.

I avoided going all the way to the top of Tabor, as that’s where most folks would be. Instead, I rolled downhill by the reservoirs to admire the view of the city and fool around with my Minolta Hi-Matic 7s camera. The sun was back out now, but the day wasn’t super warm, maybe 50F/10C. Warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, though. And then it was time to go home.

I hope to keep on doing a walk most days and throw in a nice bike ride one to two times a week. How are you coping with outdoor time in the days of COVID-19?

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