A March art update

I’ve been keeping up with a regular “journal comic” clip since Inktober 2019 (October). It’s been fun! Turns out I like drawing regularly, I just need a little fire under the ass to keep it going.

No, I haven’t done it every day like I did in Inktober, but I’d say I’m doing 4-5 days a week on average. If you are all like, “Well, that’s not as good as doing it daily!” First: Get over yourself. Second: I’m doing this for me, not you. Number Three: I told myself I’d do it as much as I can, and not beat myself up over it.

And even this not-exactly-daily clip is better than it was before, where I may even go a month or two without drawing. I’ve gotten better over the past few years, but I wanted something to kick my ass a little bit. Drawing on a regular basis in a wee li’l sketchbook (first, a Rhodia, now a Leuchtturm) was the way to do that.

And I’ve been having fun with my new tools: The MUJI fountain pen and Pentel Pocket Brush is what I use for my journal comics. And I’ve been using the Zig Color Clean Brush Pens for color work on the journal comics. Before then, it was all Microns or other tech pens. I still use them, but save them for other projects.

Speaking of which, I have been working on some other stuff. Most notably, I’ve designed Tarik Saleh’s new postcard!

But I’m always wanting to work on more stuff. I’m really trying to make a go at being a professional artist. So if you are looking for art, you know who to come to!

Want to see more journal comics? Check out my flickr stream.

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