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A Long Weekend at the Coast: 14-17 Feb 2020

Over the Presidents Day Weekend, Emee and I spent time on the Oregon Coast! It’s a tradition to go out on this weekend, as it’s her son’s birthday. He has a party out there with his friends in a beach house in Manzanita.

As much as I love the coast, I don’t get out there as often as I’d like. It’s just far enough away that it’s not worth it for me to do it as a day trip. So the last time we were out there was the last Presidents Day weekend.

The Oregon Coast in February is a crapshoot as far as weather is concerned. It could be pouring, it could be dry. Saturday was indeed the wet day. We wandered around the small beach community of Manzanita, content to watching the ocean from our hotel room. But Sunday and Monday were mostly dry and sunny. We headed to Newport, about two hours south, on Sunday afternoon, stopping occasionally to take in the view. We did a little walk on the beach Monday morning and also hit up Yaquina Head Light in Newport.

But these weekends go by fast, even when an extra day is thrown in. We got home to Portland Monday night. We got in some Coast action to keep us satiated for a bit. But I really hope it’s not another year before we see the Pacific Ocean.

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